Cecilia Díaz Betz

Not only fashion brands invest lots of talent on their campaigns. We have just discovered the promotional video of Talenti ice cream and our mouths have started to water. With sunny days, summer just around the corner and the heat on its way, there is nothing better than a good ice cream to alleviate cravings. And if the ad campaign is as clear and colorful as this, it hard not to become a fan of Talenti right away?

Talenti has a leitmotif that fascinates us: “You must love what you eat”. So to satisfy its customers, they only use top-quality products to make handicraft ice cream. The result is delicious ice cream with super special flavors that cause sighs of pleasure. But Talenti also cares much about aesthetics and presentation: the containers are transparent so you can see the delights inside. The campaign image is also noteworthy. Want to join the Talenti fever?