Cecilia Díaz Betz

We adore St. Vincent in an unconditional, inevitable way. Listening to her songs, or even better seeing her live, creates a wild addiction. Yes, we’re staunch fans of this woman, but we’re also aware that there’s no middle ground: you either love her or hate her with the same strength and irrationality. Now St. Vincent has announced the launch of an electric guitar in collaboration with the legendary Ernie Ball Music Man, and we’re already saving…

We adore St. Vincent in an unconditional, inevitable way

The St. Vincent Signature Model by Ernie Ball Music Man will be available next year in two colours: Vincent blue or black.  Annie Clark (St. Vincent) said in a statement: “I’m extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to design a guitar this personal with this company, this family, in whom I believe so completely,” says Annie Clark (St. Vincent). “The entirety of my experience as a guitarist is invested in this instrument. I sought to create a tool that would help and inspire those who share my priorities in a guitar, namely that it be comfortable and lightweight and that it exhibit clean lines, all without sacrificing tone flexibility. It is with pride that I present the St. Vincent Signature Ernie Ball Music Man Guitar.” No one better than St. Vincent herself to explain the value and beauty of this new guitar. More info and pre-orders here.