Claudia Pascual López

Since sports and fashion joined forces, street style has undergone a significant change. Jimmy Choo’s red sole is now overshadowed by sneakers. Reebok has joined the trend with the AZTEC OG 80s running sneakers. The AZTEC OG are not just any sneakers. Worn by Welsh famous athlete Steve Jones, 30 years later are bound to become a street star.

The Reebok AZTEC OG come stepping strong to became the asphalt stars

Joyful colors, laces and EVA soles provide everything necessary to make our walks more comfortable, a great option if you’re on the go all day long. If you haven’t jumped onto the sporty revolution bandwagon, now you have the chance to do so with Reebok’s AZTEC OG. Leave your footprint and enjoy a unique experience on your feet!