Claudia Pascual López

Freedom is the feeling skaters feel on a skateboard, leaving behind all real problems. It is a way of disconnecting, a new way of understanding life from a different perspective. When Roberto T. Ronpepiern discovered this ingenuous means of transport in the 1970s, it didn’t occur to him that he would end up captivating people for so long. Skateboards have become essential in youth culture.

A funny collection of American Socks inspired by the seventies skateboard world

Brand American Socks is inspired by him and his way of understanding life with a sock collection made in Barcelona. Suburban culture is part of its identity, along with the reincarnation of classic socks used by skateboards since the 1970s. The collection is made up of fun models designed to be used for skating but also so hang out with your friends on a Sunday.

We love #americansocks and will buy a pair for sure!

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