Bru Romero

When it comes to choosing a restaurant, sometimes we reject those serving our favorite food because design seems to be more important than the menu and their owners too worried about creating nice Instagram pictures and collection tons of hashtags. That’s not the spirit!

Eclectic space where you find it, Boho Bar is adapted for any time of the day, getting away from formalisms where mediterranean cooking goes by itself

Celebrating its culinary options and inviting guests to an adventure through the flavors of countries such as Thailand, the US, Morocco or Japan, the Boho Bar, located in Chueca, is the kind of restaurant we were looking for, a place where the traces of all the cultures are present on the table. Highlights include ham croquets in Japanese panko, Ras al Hanut pincho moruno (skewered diced pork), king prawns timbal, baby cuttlefish with quinoa risotto, sautéed noodles wok, free-range chicken balls and Cuban ropa vieja gua bao.

This multi-colored selection changes according to the season and the taste of the palates that want to learn more and who return to Boho Bar to eat but also to upload photos on Instagram because the place deserves it. Enjoy!


  • Address: C/ Colmenares, 13
  • Timetable: Mon-Thu: 13,00h to 16:30h and 20:30h to 0,00h; Fri-Sat: 13:30h to 02,00h and Sun: 13,00h to 00,00h
  • Phone: 91 532 41 54
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Website: