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If you thought Japanese, Chinese or auteur cuisines are the only trendy ones in the city, you should try Indian food, a cuisine that takes us to a parallel world of flavors and textures that inebriate the palate. The

Tilk restaurant takes us straight to India, with dishes that come from any part of the country and which, by combining traditional and modern ingredients and techniques, seduce diners from the beginning. Spiced food adapts to the taste of new generations by reducing spiciness and introducing more healthy ingredients, all of which has turned Tilk into a paradise for veggies.

Tilk restaurant takes us straight to India by combining traditional and modern ingredients and techniques

Far away from the ornate decoration Indian restaurants usually have, Tilk celebrates sophistication and sobriety. Guests are honored with the customary hospitality of this Asian republic, who are seen to their seats and given a menu with starts featuring tilk pakoras (chickpea flour fritters with spices and spinach), cheese tikkis (potato cakes stuffed with cheese), or nargisi kabab (egg-stuffed lamb cakes); first courses including tilk(lamb curry), punjab handi (from the Punjab region with onion and fresh coriander sauce), jhinga goa (big shrimps with Goa spices curry), the delicious sabzi biryani (rice with vegetables) and garlic nan (bread with garlic and olive oil).

To wash these dishes down, the menu offers a selection of beers, including the brands Cobra and Bangalore. As for desserts, don’t leave without trying the gulab jamun (fried milk balls in syrup with saffron and cinnamon) or rice pudding with saffron and cardamom called kheer. Are you already salivating? Are you? Let’s reserve a table then!