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An updated and enhanced porrón is the icon of a wine saga that aims to recover old traditions. The neobodeguero movement, the same one that brought our vermouth roots back with a new design, has a reason to celebrate. Barcelona Brands has just released Porrón Molón, a family of five wines that seeks to recover old traditions. And they don’t come alone but with one of the most emblematic objects in Spanish gastronomy: the Porrón Molón. From this legendary object, this new wine brand takes the popular way of sharing wine, which belongs to the authentic Mediterranean spirit.


The Porrón Molón, a new family of five wines that seeks to recover old traditions

Each of the five wines—two of them with DO—is a small tribute to the uses of the porrón, an object that has been updated to be included in the pack. Retaining its artisanal character, Porrón Molón is also an enhanced, more versatile product for an easier and cleaner drinking experience. Made of stoneware to avoid the contact with light and keep the right temperature, this 21st century porrón comes with a nondrip system; a necessary cork cap; a removable spout to be cleaned thoroughly, which at the same time turns the rest of the porrón into a decanter; a stable base and a cavity for a better grip while drinking. It is available in white or black.


The Wines Porrón Molón is, above all, a brand of five cool wines that pay tribute to old traditions and tell their own story

The Wines Porrón Molón is, above all, a brand of five cool wines that pay tribute to old traditions and tell their own story

¡Abuelo enséñame! –Show me how, grandad- (red wine, 14% Vol. Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Garnacha). Have you ever freaked out at seeing your grandfather drink wine from a porrón. So agile, so fast, so resolute. And without spilling out a single drop! An expert! Didn’t you want to learn to drink from a porrón right there? This wine is made from garnacha grapes to pay tribute to all grandparents who have passed on this traditional and bold way of sharing.

Noches de verano –Summer nights- (White wine, 11’5% Vol. Parellada and Muscat). The selection of this gourmand coupage is inspired by our wish to relive the joy and happiness of summer nights in small towns. What great moments they were! Among family and old-time friends, we would spend hours on end holding a porrón, remembering, sharing laughs and confidences. The muscat grapes are the very expression of the outdoor parties and the fireworks that added sparks to those wonderful days.

Chiringuito de playa –Beaschside bar- (rosé wine, 12’5% Vol. Syrah y Sumoll). This fresh wine is perfect to toast in canopy-covered beach bars on the sand. Plastic chairs, paper mantelpieces, rice dishes and fresh fish… What else can you ask for? The syrah grapes add the fruity and exotic touch to this wine, unrivalled if drunk fresh from a porrón.

DO Ribera del Duero (red wine, 100% tempranillo, 13’5% Vol). A tempranillo wine, it pays tribute to simple and authentic top quality products made by professionals with respect and passion. Simple things promote happiness. There is nothing like drinking this wine from the Porrón Moón to share and feel how it takes you to a state of happiness.

DO Rías Baixas (white wine, 100% albariño, 12’5% Vol). Chilly Albariño in a porrón tastes better. Two or three first courses as starters. A couple of second courses. Coffee, dessert and table tak. Cards or a siesta? Start with this wine, perfect to invite, get together and share…. Fill up the porrón and the rest… there’s nothing you already don’t know.

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What is a Porrón?
The origin of the porrón can be traced to the late 14th century and the early 15th century in the region of Aragón, Catalonia and northern Levante, although many studies consider the porrón of Poblet, in Tarragona, as the oldest one preserved. The popular use of the porrón was aimed to share wine between diners more hygienically, without the container touching anybody’s mouth. It has always been considered a container for collective drinking. Today it isn’t associated exclusively to wine. It is common to see porrones with beer, cava or soft drinks. Here are the instructions to become a porrón expert:
1. Pour wine through the largest hole and leave it uncovered.
2. Put the spout to your mouth. Incline it so the wine pours into your mouth.
3. Move it slowly away, hoisting your elbow at the same time, as much as you dare
4. For expert drinkers, extend your arm to get a thinner and more arched jet.
5. With a fast, sharp movement, put the porrón in a vertical position and pass it on to someone else!