Laura Hernandez

Nikkei food lovers, you have a reason to celebrate. The Adriá and the Iglesias brothers recently opened Pakta to serve the best combinations of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines.  Pakta means ‘union’ in Quechua, the language of Peruvian indigenous peoples. Japanese chef Kioko Li and Jorge Muñoz, in charge of the Peruvian side of the kitchen, bring these two interesting cuisines together. As usual, Albert Adrià will combine this marvelous cocktail of cultures to offer a new experience to foodies who want to discover Nikkei food.

Pakta serve the best combinations of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines

Pakta serves two menus: Fujiyama (90 euros) includes broad beans salad and edamame with kimchi sauce and gomasio; eel nigiri; double chin and siu panka nigiri and the exquisite Lime-style suspiros with dulce de leche ice cream and pisco. For about 120€, the Machu-Picchu menu includes all the dishes in the Fujiyama menu as well as others such as smoked mackerel with codium algae juice and algae salad; pine tree-smoked red prawn; Iberian anticucho tamal and sake cherry with ginger liquor stuffed with Alto el Sol chocolate.


Another highlight is the minimalistic, austere wood decoration inspired by Japanese culture. The colour touch comes from the huge Peruvian curtain on the ceiling and walls. Reserve a table here. But be patient! Pakta is usually full.