Laura Naranjo

In the near future, egobloggers will have to be re-educated because they will have reached the maximum levels of silliness and insensibility towards the current world situation. These are not our words, but the words of Lucía Muñoz Molina, the author of the book 2013, a most needed satire given the times we’re in.


Lucía is a straightforward writer and she speaks loud. She comically expresses her opinion, which is shared by many who bet for quality journalism. In the imagination of Muñoz Molina, an outraged revolution has triumphed, a teacher re-educates egobloggers, those who are determined to sell their souls for the perfect photograph, lovers of twisted feet, puckers and poses on rail tracks, waste grounds or precipices. Those who don’t show what they like but what the brand that has bought them wants them to show.

In the particular gulag where this teacher lives there is also with room for stylists and other preachers of the decadent fast-fashion that reigned in the ancient regimen, an ironic voice that qualifies the tradition of the soviet utopia with such a caustic humor that is destroys all signs of political correction. Ideology, consumerism and revolution, along with fashion, are the main questions that Lucía, also known as Filósofa Frívola, deals with in this easy-to-read text.

This is the ferocious satire many were crying for?

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