Laura Naranjo

Coffee addicts and fans of Nespresso have a reason to celebrate. The brand has just launched the limited edition Crealto, elaborated by the expert in green coffee Alexis Rodríguez, who was inspired by the use of low-temperature roasting techniques created by the two-Michellin-starred chef Michelin Mauro Colagreco.


With an intensity of 8 ?on a scale of 1-10?­ and blended entirely from washed Arabicas, the unique character of Crealto allows its rich aroma to be fully appreciated.Crealto is best served as an espresso (40 ml) but can also be enjoyed as a milk recipe. Add a drop of milk to Crealto and it will release subtle nutty aromas ? while for those who prefer a cappuccino, notes of wild nuts are revealed. Available at Nespresso stores.